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(Asst. Director)


(Asst. Director)


Sample Projects

Nirvana Nizhal

(A Silent Short Film)

A college student finds his personal-space getting violated by an external presence in an almost-empty hostel. What distinguishes a ghost from a human?​


  • Indywood Talent Hunt 2019

  • Nalaiya Iyakunar (Filmmaker's of tomorrow) Short Film Competition

  • Dream World Film Festival 

  • JIPMER Short-film Competition

The Book

A short-narrative based on different shades of human nature, how uncontrollable circumstances affects us and the ones we love.


A short meta-thriller on a man being chased by the three divisions in time: The past, the present and the future.






Pranav Kumar Radhakrishnan (21) is an aspiring filmmaker who is currently pursuing Diploma in Narrative filmmaking from Prague Film School(2019-2020). He's done his bachelors in ECE from VIT University, Vellore.

He's served as a screenwriter, script-consultant, content-writer and Director in VIT Film Society, the film club of the college. 

Having written and directed a short film of his own, he has also assisted in Direction for two other short films produced by a production house called The Madras Entertainment Factory. He's equally passionate about poetry and literature as he is about films.



The idea of conveying a story or a feeling through

a single frame is something that reflects on the way he composes a shot in his projects. He firmly believes each

frame must have a purpose in taking the movie

forward and must contribute to the story being told.


"I never know what I think until 
I write it down" is one his most favorite Joan Didion quote. He believes writing has always been a medium of self-discovery for him through which he understands himself and the world better.



“The sour smell of the iron-window still lingered in his mind, he knew he was in for a long lonely journey, something he shared a love-hate relationship with. The other man was sitting alone at the other corner of the long empty seat. They split the loneliness into two equal halves, their silences occupied the empty seats in between. One had music, the other heard the rattling of the coins.."


To read it fully visit the 'View The Full Work' button at the bottom.

The Writer's Right Hand
The Girl with the Toy Camera

"His ink bleeds,
Bleeds as fast as a wrist that’s been slit,
I try to find the blots on his empty sheet,
He keeps evolving as I watch him flee,
His right-hand moves elegantly like waves in a fisherman’s dream.."


To read it fully visit the 'View The Full Work' button at the bottom.

"The day I met the girl with the toy camera I’d also hosted quite a few silent gentlemen, I’d promised them a short but happy journey along the walls followed by an underground tunnel with a filter which would’ve filtered out the kind plastic men.."

To read it fully visit the 'View The Full Work' button at the bottom.




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